Ever since CW tagged me for this meme, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a suitable actress to play me in a movie based on my life. Finally, I came up with Keiko Agena. I don’t know much about her – I only remembered her vaguely from Gilmore Girls, which I never really watched. I think she usually looks nothing like me (a google search for images of her and a look at her official site will show you what I mean – me with crimped hair – oh NOOOO), but I found a picture which reminded me of me (though she would have to grow her hair or wear extensions). So since there are no other candidates, she gets the job. Unless you lot can recommend anyone else? (I asked Jac but her answer was “All the asian actresses I can think of are too tall.” How rude!)

Edit: Oooops, I forgot to tag someone else to get the meme-thing going. How about Stef, Karen, and C? hey, I just realised… my blog buddies are all asian too!

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