Review: The High Road Bistro (Part 1) – Salad Bar

Last night we went to The High Road Bistro in Riverton to celebrate Jac’s sister-in-law K’s birthday. We had an early dinner, Morty and Helen Seinfeld-style (well, we were late diners even by their standards! See the episode The Cadillac, Part II). We met there at 5:30pm and left before 7:30pm!

The High Road Bistro

The High Road Bistro has a salad bar, which is included with all main courses, or you can pay AU$8.50 to have it without ordering a main course. Here’s coleslaw (which didn’t have enough dressing), garden salad, and beetroot salad (apart from mussels and olives, beetroot is another food I simply will not eat, ugh).

Salad bar #1

More salad bar: here we have pasta salad (tossed in a tomato dressing), an almost-Greek salad (which had cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and olives, but no fetta – hence almost), and in the back, on the right, a peek of the curried cauliflower salad. I didn’t look too closely at those bowls of stuff in there, but one is definitely seeded mustard.

Salad bar #2

And more salad bar: curried cauliflower salad and rice noodle salad. My gripe with the rice noodle salad was that you weren’t given a fork to serve it with, only a spoon. It was very tricky to get the noodles on your plate without making a mess.

Salad bar #3

Close-up of the almost-Greek salad.

Almost-Greek salad, close-up

Close-up of the rice noodle salad. To be honest, the noodles were kind of dry and didn’t have much flavour. I don’t think the salad (well, the noodles anyway) had been tossed in the dressing, which was all at the bottom of the bowl (as you can see in the photo). Still, I like my noodles. There was also a basket of lovely white bread rolls and a dish of individually wrapped butter portions (not pictured) which you were free to help yourself to.

Rice noodle salad, close-up

I would’ve taken more close-ups of all the salads, but staff were looking at me strangely, and I didn’t want to get in trouble so early in the evening! Next post will be main courses.

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