Review: The High Road Bistro (Part 3) – Sweets

The kids had chocolate sundaes recommended by our waitress. They came topped with a mountain of whipped cream dusted with chocolate. Not sure how much they were. The result was happy children with chocolate-streaked faces and very sticky hands. I had to take this picture really fast because S wanted to plunge in.

Chocolate sundae

None of us grown-ups had dessert, but on the way out I took some photos of the desserts on offer.

Cake display cabinet


Cherry slice, melting moments and chocolate brownies.

Cherry slice, melting moments and chocolate brownies

The sign said “mud cup cakes”.

Mud cupcakes

We enjoyed our meals and had a very pleasant evening. I got the impression our waitress was kind of put off by the two kids to begin with, but she seemed to relax when she realised we had no intention of being an overly demanding, high maintenance table. Each time she delivered drinks to the table she did bang the glasses down very hard on the table though – if I were her supervisor I’d be training her out of that habit as quickly as possible. When K made the booking she had asked for an outside table, but they put us inside (but to be perfectly honest, I was glad – it was getting quite nippy outside when we arrived). The bistro is huge inside, and there are plenty of tables outside, with an enclosed courtyard where the kids can run and play. There was also a large function room on the go while we were there. I wouldn’t say I was amazingly or actively impressed by The High Road Bistro, but I definitely liked it and would certainly go again.

Back to work now.

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