Jac’s birthday, Part 3

Jac’s family came over for a birthday dinner of cold meat and salad, probably Jac’s favourite meal. We started with a couple of rounds of nibblies. Jac made her famous savoury eggs, which we served up in her special savoury egg dish. We didn’t have enough eggs to fill up all the space, so I made some other savouries on mini toasts. I spread some baby mayo on each mini toast, added a slice of sweet gherkin pickle and a piece of fresh tomato and topped that with a smoked oyster. Those tinned smoked oysters are really stinky! I didn’t eat any of the oyster savouries, but everyone else loved them.

Savoury eggs and smoked oysters on mini toast

Here’s my assembly line of oyster savoury production. That’s the paring knife I bought Jac for Christmas. Since the oyster thingys were so popular I ended up using the whole tin of oysters. Thank goodness, it would’ve ponged up the fridge. Hahahaha.

Oyster savouries

On Thursday night, Jac roasted a piece of beef medium rare in the oven, which she simply flavoured with salt and pepper. She sliced it thinly to serve on the cold meat platter.

Roast beef

We bought a barbecue chook from Woolworths, to serve cold.

Barbecue chicken

L-R: Seasoned roast pork (from Woolworths), Jac’s roast beef and German salami (from Woolworth’s).

Cold meats

Jac’s mum brought a garden salad:

Garden salad

Jac’s brother Brad made his famous coleslaw, with white and red cabbage. The cabbage isn’t usually so finely chopped, but Brad had experimented with the food processor (not entirely successfully!). Although the cabbage ended up too fine, the flavour of the salad was delicious. I ate loads of it.


Jac and I made a potato and pea salad. Really easy: boiled potato cubes, boiled peas, tossed with salt, pepper, chopped spring onions and Miracle Whip mayonaise.

Potato and pea salad

On Thursday night, Jac also made some raspberry jelly for the kids and her mum. Jac planned to serve a cheeseboard, crackers and fruit, rather than have sweets or a cake, but she thought the kids and her mum (who has a very sweet tooth) would prefer a sweet dessert. At the bottom of the jelly is tinned fruit and fruit cake, and the lolly on top is a jelly pineapple.


We served the cheese with strawberries, seedless grapes, nectarine, pear and walnuts. I’ll try to remember what the cheeses are… In the middle is a generic Aussie Gold Camembert. From the orange retangular block on the left, moving clockwise: Red Leicester, Charles Sturt University Cheddar (the wedge with the yellow wax), Castillo blue vein, a matured cheddar (not sure what sort), Charles Sturt University Bush Tomato Cheese (the wedge with the orange wax), I’m not sure what the next cheese is (the semi circle shaped one). Jac is having an afternoon nap now, but I’ll ask her later. Edit: that cheese is a havarti. The black-looking stuff next to the nectarine is grape jelly.


Jac had a lovely day and was chuffed with her pressies. She walked around the house with her new whipper snipper pretending she was trimming (much to her niece and nephew’s amusement). She’s been wearing and using her new Leatherman tool. She got a bottle of Frangelico from one of her cousins. She’s been using her new Medi Rest pillow, although unfortunately Billy Lee has taken a liking to it too and has decided it is her new pillow. I’m sure we’ll go camping sometime soon so she can use her new lamp. Oh yeah, and my two older sisters and their hubbies gave Jac a pile of scratch and win lottery tickets – I think she’s won about $28 off them. pretty cool. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the whipper snipper, and who sent cards and birthday wishes and gave pressies. If you’re “family and friends” you’ll be able to see more photos at my Flickr site.

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