Roast dinner

Last night, Jac roasted lots of vegies for our dinner. She roasted whole onions, potatoes, carrots, butternut pumpkin, sweet potatoes and sweet corn on the cob. She served the roasted vegetables with roasted chicken thighs which she’d simply flavoured with salt and pepper, and a lovely hot pile of steamed buttered cabbage. She offered to make gravy too, but I told her not to worry about it – the vegetables were all sweet and juicy and flavoursome, and the chicken was moist and tender. Yuuuuuummy. More about my stupid computer and today’s food in the next post.

Roast dinner

Busy week coming up, with the room occupancy auditing (and just my luck, the weather forecast looks crappy), the usual chapter writing, and hopefully, the arrival of Gummy Shark around mid-week. I’ll be watching the Brownlow Medal count tomorrow night. I’m actually very tired right now, and so I think I’ll be going to bed shortly. Wow, I posted lots tonight, didn’t I?

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