Saturday brunch for everyone!

Jac had to pop into work for a short while this morning, and on her way home she stopped by a lunch bar and picked up some brunch for us. She got herself a super hot dog, which had a wiener, fried onions, bacon and cheese (which you can’t really see in the picture).

Super hot dog

I know I’ve already eaten a chicken filet burger this week, but I’m always ready to eat another one! This was easily the largest $5 chicken burger I’ve ever eaten. This was very chickeny and enjoyable, but I think I preferred the chicken burger I ate on Wednesday – the crumbed coating on Wednesday’s burger had more flavour. I liked how the burger bun was lightly toasted, it had a pleasant warmth and texture – slightly crisp on the edges but still chewy, rather than brittle.

Chicken filet burger

We ate our brunch sitting on the lounge room floor at the coffee table, watching season 2 of Magnum P.I. on dvd. Pixel liked the smell of Jac’s hot dog and squeezed onto her lap to try and sneak a bite.

Pixel wants some too!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before that Billy Lee is a very licky cat. She’ll lick my fingers if there’s anything on them, from sweat to sunscreen to soy sauce… anything. She enjoyed giving my fingers a thorough licking after I’d eaten my burger.

Billy Lee's good lickin'

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