This morning, we decided to check out a local fair. It was free to get in. It was only a small fair, but there were a few good stalls – secondhand books, cakes and biscuits, jams and preserves, curry and rice (which you could zap in a microwave there), lots of raffles and lucky dips and a golf putting competition. We paid $3 ($1 each go) at the lucky dip and won a bottle of tomato puree, a can of SPC baked beans and a glass jar full of plastic toy soldiers (we’ll probably give them to Jac’s nephew Max). Jac bought some chocolate rice bubble slice and a chocolate and zucchini cake, as well as a few things from a secondhand stall – a stack of small plastic Chinese rice bowls, two wooden serving trays, a plastic butter dish with lid and a lamp shade. The best part of the morning for me was the EATING of course! There was a sausage sizzle at the fair, which we could smell from across the road (mmmmmmm…) and we each had a sausage, onions and sauce in a bun. I squiggled ketchup and American mustard over the top of mine.

Sausage sizzle

Jac squirted tomato ketchup (top left), mustard (bottom left) and barbecue sauce (bottom right) on hers. We were really lucky – the lady just before us bought four sausage sizzles for her family, and she got all the older, shrivelled up onions in hers. We got the fresher, moister onions.

Sausage sizzle

After the fair, we stopped by my PO Box and I was pleased to see that my Elvis ’68 Comeback Special Deluxe DVD from DeVoteD DVD had arrived. I caught the train to town to go in search of MK’s birthday pressie. Her birthday is next week. This is what she’ll be getting (not a secret, because we spoke about it yesterday and I told her I would get this for her). Apparently this Limited Edition Cd & Dual Disc edition is in low supply in Perth at the moment – it’s been selling like hotcakes. For example, JB has run out of them in two of its stores (don’t know about their other two stores) and doesn’t even know if their order for more copies will be fulfilled as it’s apparently quite a limited run. But don’t worry, MK… your copy has been secured. :-D

Tomorrow I have to work on uni stuff. One more week of class before we have another non-teaching week and the Easter break. I can’t tell you just how much I am hanging out for that.

I still have a pile of emails to catch up on. Time for a cuppa. Elvis looks so good in that black leather suit!

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