I stacked it

It’s Monday of a long weekend here, and I’m still stuck on these essays. I’ve marked and graded them; today’s task is typing up the feedback. As I sit here in front of my computer, Jac is in the lounge with Billy Lee watching dvds and Pixel is curled up in bed. I’m so envious. I’d love to be doing either.

In addition to having a very tired brain, I have a sore knee and very achey right arm. Yesterday on my way to the loo I slipped on a wet spot of floor in front of the bathroom (entirely my fault – I’d had the most recent shower and had obviously dripped water on the floor). I stacked it across the hallway into the laundry. As I landed, I cut my knee on the edge of the laundry tiles and slammed my right arm into the hard floor. It was one of those “Ohhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiit” moments when you know you’re about to fall but realise you have no way of stopping it. I did stick my arm out to break my fall as I knew if my face hit the tiled floor I’d be in serious trouble. My knee did its own thing and smacked into the floor. And so now there’s a line of blood across my bruised knee and my right arm really, really aches.

It was pretty funny actually. Although I was making owsie noises and writhing on the floor in pain when Jac and Pixel came running (Pixel got there first, and sniffed at me with this really anxious look on her face – her concern was so cute!), once Jac had picked me up from the floor and confirmed that no serious damage had been done, I cracked up laughing at myself (the crazy laughing scared Pixel, and she ran away then). I sat there in the doorway between hallway and laundry, laughing because I’d been in such a hurry to get to the loo for a pee, and now there I was sitting on the floor, injured with an icepack on my knee, still wanting to pee.

That’s enough procrastination. Back to work.

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