Saturday, Part 1

We were out for most of yesterday. It was so nice to spend the day doing stuff with Jac, rather than sitting in my study alone working, as I often do.

In the morning, we went to the shops so that I could check my PO Box for a special delivery I was expecting. I recently pre-ordered Jac the final two seasons of X-Files on DVD at a special promotional price with free delivery. And so now she has all nine seasons! We have learned over the years we have been together that I have an extremely low tolerance for X-Files, and so watching the X-Files is a strictly Jac-only activity. If I watch more than a couple of episodes at a time, I start getting annoyed and nitpicky e.g.
tfp: I am so sick of Scully always having to be so skeptical! Surely after every thing they have been through and everything she has seen with her very own eyes Scully would be at least a little open to stuff that isn’t scientifically possible!
tfp: Sorry.
[Two minutes later]
tfp: Yeah, right. Why the hell does she have to grope around the room in the dark? Why doesn’t she go in with a torch or even see if the light switch is working?
Jac: I know, shush.
tfp: Sorry.

I know it’s annoying when I do that (surely you and your partner do particular things that drive the other one crazy sometimes?). I really do try so hard not to, but it just bursts out of me. As well as being an eater, I’m also a talker. I do the same with CSI: “Why doesn’t she tie her hair back? I’m sure she’s contaminated the crime scene by dropping her own hair all over it!” Heheheh. So anyway, we have established that I shall be banned from watching these TV shows with Jac.

We have very different taste in movies and TV shows actually. The tfp-only DVDs live in my study, and I tend to watch them in here on my own (they include my Tom Cruise movies, Elvis movies, ER and Seinfeld). The movies and TV shows Jac likes are in the lounge.

I buy all of Jac’s DVDs for her. I always keep my eyes open for stuff I think she’ll like to watch. Most recently, I bought her the Legally Blonde movies, Jackie Chan’s Police Story 2 (to go with Police Story 1) and Good Boy! (Jac looooooves animal movies). But I’m going off on a tangent. Back to yesterday.

While Jac was buying lotto I happened to spot this cook book and did a double take. Heheheh. It isn’t what it looks like, but for a second there I was fooled. I’m all for cheap laughs. While the newsagency people were busy at the cash registers I whipped out the camera and sneaked a photo so you can all appreciate my dirty mind.


Tit Food

I also wanted to go to K-Mart yesterday because there were some cheap tops advertised in the latest catalogue. I found out on Thursday during the exam supervisors’ meeting that one of the rooms I’ll be working in is probably the coldest on campus – it has no heating and gets no sun during the day. After the meeting I went for a walk around campus with a list of the rooms I’ll be supervising exams in, to make sure 1) I knew where the actual rooms are (they are located all over campus), and 2) I knew where the closest toilets are (very important that if students need to go to the loo you can bring them to the nearest ones so as not to waste time). I wrote myself notes in my little exams notebook, which I had with me last year as well (notes such as: “X Lecture Theatre: Upper exit: boys’ loos on left; girls’ loos on right. Lower exit: girls’ loos on left; boys’ loos on right”). Anyway, knowing I’ll be working in the allegedly “coldest room on campus” was my excuse to buy a couple of new long-sleeved tops. I was really annoyed when we were at K-Mart, however – there were hardly any tops in my size – I bought the only cheapie black skivvy (polo neck) in my size. I also checked through the racks of Bonds long-sleeved raglan tops and emerged with just one top in my size. Oh well, two tops is better than none at all.

In the afternoon, we were taking Jac’s niece Savannah out for lunch and then to a play at my university. We were picking Savannah up at noon; it was only 9:30am and we were both really hungry. No way I could’ve skipped breakfast. It was very bad of us, but we stopped by McDonald’s, where Jac had a Bacon and Egg McMuffin Value Meal and I had a Sausage and Egg McMuffin Value Meal.

After eating her Bacon and Egg McMuffin this time, Jac decided if she wants a junk food breakfast in future she will go to Hungry Jack’s and have another of their Brekky Wraps. She used to really love Bacon and Egg McMuffins, but they have no sauce in them and are quite dry in comparison to the Brekky Wrap, which has barbecue sauce in it (me, I love it all, sauce or no sauce!). You’ve all seen McDonald’s breakfast food before, but here are photos anyway!

Sausage and Egg McMuffin, wrapped

Bacon and Egg McMuffin

Sausage and Egg McMuffin

We went home, dropped off our shopping and the DVDs and got changed, and then we went to pick up Savannah. On our way to get lunch we stopped at Flightcentre to put some money towards Lou and Dan‘s bridal registry. Yeah, their bridal registry is with a travel agent – wedding guests can chip in money that will go towards their honeymoon (we found out yesterday they plan to go to Tahiti). I thought it was a pretty cool idea. While Jac waited in line to be served, Savannah and I amused ourselves by looking at a huge map of the world that covered one of the walls in the store. We played a game where I’d ask Savannah to find a place on the map (“Where’s Darwin?” “Where’s Hobart?”), but then she asked me where Bali was and it was a little embarrassing how long it took me to find it (I got hopelessly lost on the islands of Indonesia).

We hadn’t planned it that way, but turned out to be a mega junk foody day. Yes, I know that’s really bad. Lunch was to be a treat for Savannah, and when we asked her what she wanted, what do you reckon she said?

Yep, McDonald’s. I didn’t mind, really. Savannah had a 3-McNugget Happy Meal and a Strawberry Shake, Jac had a McOz Value Meal and I had a McChicken Value Meal. Sooooo much junk food. We went to a different McDonald’s to have lunch – this one was VERY crowded (as Jac would say “There were kids everywhere from arsehole to breakfast-time”). I remember how much I hated working the Saturday lunch shift at McDonald’s, with multiple-Happy Meal orders and a million ice cream cones to pull. And kids leave such a mess behind. I didn’t get a chance to take photos yesterday at lunch – Savannah needed me to help do stuff, like her open her sachet of tomato sauce (they really need to make those little sachets easier to tear open). I can be a very responsible grown-up when I have to be.

Part 2 is coming. I have to hang up a load of laundry now.

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