First, dentist BOOOO!… Then KFC YEEEEAH!

For breakfast this morning, as part of my non-stinky breath for the dentist-strategy, I had two pieces of toast, an apple and a mandarin. I even flossed twice. But I decided I would have lunch after seeing the dentist, and have something really yummy and junky.

The dentist did a really good job of grinding down my chipped front tooth to even out the jaggedness. I was really pleased with how it turned out, and Jac was very impressed when I showed her this evening. While I was there I had a general check-up too, with x-rays. Unfortunately I have to have about $500 worth of stuff done, mainly fillings (three needed asap, the other two later). I’m not surprised – actually, I’m relieved that there wasn’t anything more serious to be done – the dental clinic has been sending me reminders to come in for a check-up since 2003! Actually, back in 2003 when I last went to the dentist I got my first filling ever. Before that, I hadn’t been to the dentist since 1990! Yes, I know that’s not good.

So why don’t I go to the dentist more often? Well, I’ve only just gotten private health insurance including dental cover, and mean to make use of it. When I was younger I always associated going to the dentist with having to spend lots of money (which I didn’t and still don’t have), so I guess that was also why I avoided it completely. I couldn’t afford private health insurance back then and chose not to include dental visits in my budget. I’ve been lucky, I guess, not to have had any dental troubles over the years. Thankfully, I’ve never known what a toothache feels like.*

I really hate going to the dentist. Even though the dentists I’ve been to have been really nice, I find being there most unpleasant – I find the smell and taste of the gloves and dental instruments disgusting. They really smell awful! And I hate being made to feel guilty that my teeth aren’t in as good condition as they should be. The dentist wasn’t very impressed with my teeth today. But it’s not like I look like that guy from the Pogues.

And so, onto my junky lunch. It doesn’t get much junkier than a KFC Two Piece Feed (well, a Three Piece Feed would probably be junkier)! Here it is: two pieces of original recipe chicken, chips, potato and gravy, and a bun. The chips were kind of soggy and floppy which was disappointing, but the thigh piece of chicken was juicy and tasty. The potato and gravy was great (I dipped my floppy chips in the gravy). The bun was boring – I wish they hadn’t changed from the sweet buns to these quite bland sesame-seed-topped ones.

KFC Two Piece Feed

That shrivelled lump of fried something next to the piece of chicken is supposed to be a wing. A very weeny wing. If someone didn’t know what a fried chicken wing looked like, I would not be showing them that as an example!

KFC Two Piece Feed - chicken close-up

After lunch I wandered around the shops for a bit. Yeah, the chapter was waiting for me at home, but sometimes I need to get away from it for a while. I bought Jac a few pressies: this AM/FM headphone radio that she’s been wanting for a while (RRP$64.95, cash price at The Good Guys $55), AAA batteries for the radio, a secondhand Crackerjack DVD from a pawnbroker’s, and a double DVD from K-Mart featuring two dog movies: Because of Winn-Dixie and Rusty. I went shopping to have a break from the thesis this arvo, and Jac scored some booty. Not bad for her, eh?

*Please, no lectures about my dental hygiene! I’m not dumb enough to believe my good teeth luck will keep going (well, seeing that I need those fillings, it has definitely run out – just not with the pain of exposed nerves, thankfully). I will get those fillings done and I will heed future check-up reminder postcards from my dentist. *sigh* yet another sign that I am getting older.

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