Lou’s Hens Night, Part 2

We moved onto dinner at Ha Tien Vietnamese Restaurant, which is located at 2/800 Albany Highway in East Victoria Park. Everyone at my end of the table kindly agreed to let me photograph their food. The photos probably aren’t the best, as I took them very very quickly. Each person ordered her own main dish which was eaten with steamed rice. Jac and I shared our dishes with each other (one of the perks of being a couple at a hens night, I suppose).

Combination seafood with cashew nuts and snow peas:

Combination Seafood with Cashew Nuts and Snow Peas

Chicken lemon grass:

Chicken lemon grass

Combination seafood with vegetables:

Combination Seafood with Vegetables

Chilli chicken:

Chilli chicken

Chicken with cashew nuts and green snow peas (the “green” snow peas is the description from the menu, which made me laugh. What other colour might snow peas come in?):

Chicken with cashew nuts and green snow peas

Jac’s choice was sizzling pork. You probably can’t tell from the photo, but the sizzling plate was in the shape of a sitting cow.

Sizzling pork

My choice was garlic tofu with broccoli (sooooooo good, sooooooooo garlicky. I drank all the sauce and ate all the bits of garlic):

Garlic tofu with broccoli

My bowl of rice topped with some sizzling pork:

My bowl of rice with sizzling pork

The food was really, REALLY good. I would definitely like to return there sometime for dinner with Jac.

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