New look coming up

Wow! eyecandy just sms’d me to say that my new glasses are ready! That is so quick! In the past, with other optometrists, I’ve always had a week to two weeks’ wait for new glasses. Perhaps back then, my high-index lenses had to be specially ordered in from Japan or something (that’s the only thing I can think of – other than an unexpected epidemic of acute myopia hitting Perth at the time). This time round, I know my lenses came from Sydney. Soooooo, I will be picking the glasses up tomorrow – woooo hoo!

New glasses

I wasn’t too wild about the original temples with that checkered look when I first saw them, but Juji urged me to try the frames on anyway. I’m glad I did – as I posted earlier, they are amazingly comfortable and I love the shape of the front of the frames.* Even with the checkered temples, I liked these frames way waaaay better than any other pair I tried that day. The temples are only checkered on the inside, and when I had the frames on, you could barely see the crazy pattern anyway, and I liked how the frames looked on me. My friend Adam said it would drive him nuts – even though the pattern would be mostly hidden he’d still know it was there and that would bother him (these frames reminded me of Seinfeld’s suede jacket with that candy-striped lining!). But despite my initial balking at it, I don’t think it’s so bad. The main thing is, even with the crazy pattern, which I acknowledge is a crazy pattern, I like my new glasses! I am so looking forward to getting them tomorrow. I’ve had these current ones for like, five years or something. It’s definitely time for a change.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve ordered some alternative temples for my glasses, which will take around a month to arrive from overseas (fingers crossed). With the new temples, my glasses will look like this (Photoshopped by me):

Transformed new glasses

Ordinarily I wouldn’t spend the extra money on something so obviously cosmetic/vanity-related, but seeing as my private health insurance covered more than I thought it would, and I will still be within budget, what the hell – it’s good to be vain sometimes, right? Heheheheh.

Obviously, this ain’t food porn, as I don’t eat plastic or metal. When I do, I’ll join the Jim Rose Circus. Hahahaa. I guess I have plenty of time to come up with a stage name. Heheheheheh.**

*I’ve noticed this, as I get older and hopefully a wee bit wiser: you really can’t judge clothes, accessories, glasses etc. by how they appear on the shelf. Often when I’ve thought something looked completely not “me” on the shelf, I’ve been pleasantly surprised how good it looked when I tried it on. So try it before you knock it!

**I’m joking! I’m joking! Sorry to state the obvious, but I had a person actually get upset because he/she thought I had contributed to the slaughter of guinea pigs. Yes, seriously! I guess he/she wasn’t aware of something we call FAKE FUR. So, no, I have no plans to join a circus after I’ve finished my PhD.

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