Old favourite, new favourite

It was just a matter of time before SPAM fried rice made another appearance. Oh – but this wasn’t made using the SPAM Single! I forgot I had that in the pantry and opened a tin of SPAM instead. Doh! For those not familiar with my SPAM fried rice, it is very easy: first, I fry up some cubes of SPAM until the edges get crispy. I usually do this in a separate pan. In the wok, I fry up some chopped onion and garlic (lots and lots of garlic). When the onion and garlic begin to smell good but before they get very brown I throw in the chopped green beans and fry until beans are cooked but still crisp. I add some soy sauce to the beans, onion and garlic to taste at this point. Next I add the cooked rice, some cracked pepper and oyster sauce. That is all mixed up and then I add the fried SPAM. I make a well in the centre, then break a couple of eggs into the well and scramble/cook, and then mix through the rice. The very last thing to do is eat a big, BIG bowl’s worth.

Fried rice with SPAM

Nothing exciting is happening over here. I’ve been feeling anti-social and working from home on my current chapter.

Cute Overload has become one of my favourite sites. This video is in Japanese but you don’t need to understand Japanese to enjoy it: how many kilograms of fish can a cat carry?

Would you eat a beer battered and deep fried Bacon Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese?

If we find these for sale in Perth somewhere, we may just buy a couple for the cats.

And for doggies, here’s The Pet Loo.

More 80’s music videos! Someone has kindly compiled a list of 80s videos available on YouTube.

Any of you fancy drawing a pig? Draw a pig.

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