SPAM Single

While we were at the supermarket, Jac spotted this product: SPAM Single! As a lover and regular consumer of SPAM, I was most intrigued and bought one just to try. It cost $1.99. I’ll let you know what it’s like when I do crack it open, but for now, you may have a look at the packaging. I can’t WAIT to go to CRAZY TASTY town! Wonder if that’s anything like Funky Town.

SPAM Single

Just in case you need them, here are the instructions for how to open the packet, extract the contents and how to prepare the SPAM. I love how it says “TO BAKE: Use your oven, turn the appropriate knobs”. Heheh.

SPAM Single Instructions

And this really made me laugh! The SPAM IDEA O’WHEEL! And yes, the “idea” on the right is “SPAM Single Necklace”! See how the SPAM dude has strung his SPAM Single through the hole punched at the top of the packet? Hahahahahaaa. Now why didn’t I think of that?! And yes, when I think of visiting a magical SPAM castle I do think “what a delicious and convenient” visit it would be! Kind of like Homer Simpson in the Land of Chocolate, I suppose. Heehee.


I presume the SPAM Single will taste just like regular SPAM. I’ll let you know. I just have to decide what I will do with my SPAM Single. It will definitely be SPAM as something to eat rather than SPAM as something to wear!

If any of you has tried this product, feel free to confess and share your impressions.

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