Sunday lunch of leftovers

Well, I have my new glasses now, and they are soooooooooooooo great! (Well, I think so, anyway, which is the most important thing :)). I think out of all the pairs of glasses I have owned in my life, I am the happiest I have ever been with these (seriously! Special thanks to Juji for helping me find/choose them). Things would be just perfect, except for a wee accident I had on Friday evening. I chomped down too hard on a knife when eating dinner (I know, I know, civilised folk would not put knives in their mouths) and chipped a piece out of one of my front teeth. It’s not a huge chip, and most people wouldn’t even notice it unless they were very observant (I won’t be qualifying for an Extreme Makover any time soon!), but the tooth has a slightly jagged edge on it now that I can really feel. I’ve made an appointment to see the dentist on Tuesday, which is the earliest they could fit me in. I’m hoping it will be a relatively simple matter of filing the jagged edges down a little. My teeth were far from perfect to begin with; the chip actually doesn’t bother me that much from an aesthetic point of view. My main concern is the jaggedness of it – I don’t want to catch it on my top lip, for example. I don’t want to do myself more injury or damage. It doesn’t hurt, which is a good sign, anyway. But it’s a bugger. Not a major bugger, but still annoying.

Now, food. We went to my parents’ today so that 1) I could borrow an item of clothing from Mum to go with my wedding outfit (the wedding we are going to is next Saturday) and 2) I could give Mum and Dad a quick lesson on how to use their new mobile phones. Juji and her boyfriend were over as well. Our lunch consisted mainly of leftover dishes, which we ate with rice – but it was a very delicious lunch. I don’t mind helping Mum clean out her fridge by eating her leftovers – yummy food makes yummy leftovers!

Mum cooked up some beef rendang in the wok on the wok burner on the barbie. Mum likes to cook dishes for the week’s meals coming up, on the weekend. This rendang was to be one such dish, but we all had a little bit to go with our lunch today. I took this photo as the rendang was steaming and bubbling away on the BBQ.

Beef rendang on BBQ wok burner

Mum makes vegie juice using celery but doesn’t like juicing the leaves. So this is what she does with them: stir-fried celery leaves, with onion, fresh ginger and beef (click on the images to see larger versions). It was so good! I am not a big celery fan, but it was lovely with all that ginger. We usually juice the whole celery, leaves included (Jac doesn’t care about the bitter flavour the leaves give the juice – I stopped her from chucking radishes in our fruit and vegie juice the other day!), but I will definitely be saving the leaves in future so we can cook this dish ourselves.

Stir-fried celery leaves with onion, ginger and beef in the wok  Stir-fried celery leaves with onion, ginger and beef served in a dish

We had roast chicken, which was good. I probably ate more skin that I should’ve.

Roast chicken

We enjoyed a big dish of stir-fried green vegies (bok choy, capsicum, snow peas and asparagus_ with pork.

Stir-fried green vegies with pork

This was curly endive cooked with sambal belacan. I didn’t actually have any, because Jac said it was quite hot (spicy-hot). But it smelled very good indeed.

Sambal belacan curly endive

We all had a bowl of parsnip soup each. Mum makes the soup with pork bones she buys from a chinese butcher in Northbridge, with parsnip cut into big chunks. We drizzled soy sauce on the parsnip before eating. Jac asked Mum how she made the soup so that she may replicate it at home one of these days (gooooooood :)).

Parsnip soup

We also had some omelette fried with chinese sausage (no photo, sorry!).

To finish, we had some low-fat strawberry ice cream. I was bad today and actually had a scoop to myself.

Low-fat strawberry ice cream

I thought it was very cute that Mum and Dad bought matching phones (same model and brand), with Dad’s blue and Mum’s pink (awwwww!). Mum selected a new ringtone, adjusted the volume, learned how to enter and edit phone numbers, send text messages and delete messages. She’ll have to play with the phone whenever she has time to familiarise herself with its functions and the feel of the keys (at the moment she’s either pressing too hard or not hard enough). This evening, I sent her a text message that said: Hi Mum! Congrats on reading this message. Now see if you can work out how to reply!”

No reply yet :).

I can’t believe how fast this month is going. My chapter is still crap. I received three books for my thesis from Amazon this week, which was a nice surprise – I had not been expecting them to arrive so quickly. I have that dentist appointment on Tuesday, and a hairdresser’s appointment on Wednesday (just a trim, nothing fancy. We’ve realised that the last time I went for a trim was before my older sister’s wedding in March last year – it seems that I only visit the hairdresser whenever we have a wedding to attend. Hopefully there will be at least another wedding next year, then!). Ugh, getting late. Time for a dinner of leftovers methinks: chicken curry and rice.

Edit, 9:18PM: Mum’s now sms’d me – twice! Heehee.

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