Uni lunches again

I went to uni today as I needed to print off a bunch of articles (we have a pretty good laser printer in the shared office, BYO paper; I have a shitty old bubblejet printer at home that is no good for bulk printing). Any hoo, for lunch today MK and I grabbed some asian takeaway.

I had a large combination, which consists of rice, two meats and vegie curry. From the left, you can see vegie curry, teriyaki chicken and spicy chicken on rice, plus two wantans. The spicy chicken is cooked with real chilli – I kept finding chilli seeds as I ate it, and pretty soon my nose was running like mad. It’s really tasty!

My lunch

MK bought a large combination too, but she also bought some peanut pancake. She’s never eaten it before, but when she saw it for sale she was quite intrigued and decided she’d give it a go. Upon returning to her desk with her food she decided the peanut pancake looked so good she would eat it for her lunch and save her actual lunch for tomorrow! The filling is peanuts and chocolate sprinkles. As you can see, the pancake itself is thick and quite bready, rather than the thin and crispy style. MK enjoyed her sweet lunch very much and gave it a thumbs up!

Peanut pancake

I’ll be working from home tomorrow as I have my dental appointment in the middle of the day (dentist is around 20 minutes’ walk from our house)… I get very paranoid about having stinky breath when I have to go to the dentist. When I was in high school my dentist always smelled like bacon and eggs (I always seemed to have morning appointments – I guess she liked having bacon and eggs for breakfast!) – it wasn’t unpleasant, but I’ve always remembered that for some reason (yes, this has been another digression – you must be used to them by now, yes?). Sooooo anyway for me tomorrow it will be non-stinky (boring) food for lunch, like toast, and fruit.

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