Curry, curry, everywhere!

I’m back again, after one and a half episodes of Magnum P.I. while aerofitting. Jac is at her hockey club’s season windup, hopefully having a good time. It’s just me now, in my tracksuit sitting in front of the pc, with Magnum on the telly and Billy Lee purring at my feet. Pixel, who doesn’t mind doing her own thing, is sleeping on our bed.

My lunch on Wednesday at uni: chicken curry, vegetable curry (including fried tofu!) and rice, washed down with an orange, mango and pineapple Nudie juice. The book is Eldest by Christopher Paolini.

Curry and rice, juice and a book

But that’s not all I had for lunch that day. I’d brought with me a panfried lemon pepper nile perch filet, which Jac had cooked the night before along with the Alseasoned fish for our burgers. I zapped it in the microwave (crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t pong up the office with fishy smells) and ate it with my curries and rice. It was a delicious lunch, and no, I didn’t pong up the office!

Curry and rice AND a fish filet

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