Woman makes dumplings for her little dumpling

Here’s my new phone dressed up in its new rainbow Mock. It fits nicely in my trouser or shorts pocket and in the mobile pocket on the strap of my backpack. So far, I love my new phone. I used the Nokia Data Suite software and the infrared port on my laptop to copy my contacts, notes, calendar etc. from my old phone to the new phone (both phones have IR ports). For some strange reason everything except the calendar copied over. It’s a little annoying because there are a couple of birthdays that were in the calendar that I can’t actually remember. (Effie style “How embarrassment!“)

Phone in Mock

During the week we had yong tau foo (see this old post for photo) and chicken satay (pre-sauced, as you can see) from Spencer Village. The yong tau foo was from Fook Kee. The satay came from KL Foods. We usually have the chicken satay from the Orchard Rd stall (I think that’s what it’s called), which is far superior in taste and texture, but they were all out on this occasion. The KL Foods satay tasted pretty good, but yeah, it’s not usually our first choice.

Chicken satay

On Friday night Jac made steamed pork dumplings with pork mince, garlic and ginger. This was her very first go at making them, and she had a bit of hard time getting the skin to sit properly, in a nice shape. Still, they tasted great (and they were recognisable as steamed pork dumplings)! She served me half a dozen dumplings fresh out of the bamboo steamer, with a dish of hoisin sauce for dipping and some stir-fried oyster sauce chinese greens, green beans and garlic tofu. She did make some very tasty experimental mutant wantans which I ate with a big bowl of chicken broth and more chinese greens on Sunday. You’ll have to believe me when I say the wantans were yummy but truly frightening-looking little beasties (hence, no photo). I’m not being mean, even Jac agreed they looked strange. Hee hee. I guess the fact I happily ate and enjoyed them was some consolation! Jac is determined to perfect her dumpling/wantan technique though – there’s more pork mince in the fridge and more wantan skins ready to go.

Homemade steamed pork dumplings

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