Thursday night burger and chips

Jac made burgers for dinner tonight. She made the patties out of beef mince, grated carrot, dried chives, fresh garlic, cumin, beef stock powder (instead of salt), black pepper, wholemeal flour and an egg (the flour and the egg for binding the mixture). It was only after making the burger patties and slicing the tomatoes, Jac looked for lettuce – and realised we didn’t have any. Oh yeeeeah, we’d stir-fried the last of it on Monday night! Oh well. Plan B was swiftly executed, and some raw cabbage was finely chopped. It may sound strange, but I really enjoyed the burger with the cabbage in it for a change – it was so fresh and crisp and went very well with the beef pattie and fresh tomato. I told Jac I’d be happy to have some of our future burgers with cabbage again. This kind of reminded me of my hot chicken sandwich made with sliced raw bok choy.


See the carrot and chives in the burger pattie? The cumin gave the patties a really yummy flavour.

Burger innards

Jac served my burger with some homemade handcut potato chips, which I seasoned with chicken salt.

Burger and chips

Pheeew. I am now up-to-date again with my posts.

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