Pixel and the new bookshelves

Juji and I went shopping today in town, and I’m really tired. I’ll try to post tomorrow about the yummy food we ate. In the meantime, here’s Pixel enjoying the new bookshelves we had delivered yesterday. She jumped up to the top (they are five levels high) where she watched most interestedly while I arranged the books on the shelves.

“Look at me, aren’t I cute?”

Look at me, aren't I cute?

“Not more photos! *sigh* I’ll just do my best Cleopatra pose.”

Not more photos! *sigh* I'll just do my best Cleopatra pose.

“I wish she’d just stop taking photos already!”

I wish she'd just stop taking photos already!

“Maybe if I glare at her, she’ll stop.”

Maybe if I glare at her, she'll stop.

[Half an hour later] “Damn it, she’s still there!”

Damn it, she's still there!

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