VR makes dinner

Ooooh, I forgot I’d taken photos of tonight’s dinner! So here’s a quick post before I finish my cuppa and go to bed.

VR made dinner tonight: grilled crimson snapper and salad. The fish was cooked with cracked black pepper and butter. It was a very meaty fish (I like meaty fish!) and the simple flavours of butter and pepper were just beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten crimson snapper – it was sort of pink when raw but turned white when cooked, which I found interesting. The salad consisted of yellow and orange capsicum (bell peppers), lettuce, carrots, cucumber, mushroom and a little spring onion. VR had a couple of extras in her salad – fetta and avocado, both of which I don’t like very much. I would’ve eaten them but I told her they’d be completely wasted on me, so she didn’t include any in my serve. She had ranch dressing with her salad, while I ate my salad with my little dish of lime and chilli honey mustard dressing. VR seemed almost apologetic regarding the simplicity of the meal, but I assured her (and I really meant it) that it was a really delicious dinner and I was enjoying it immensely. In fact, I’m sure I made a right pig of myself steam-shovelling my food as I sat across the table from VR. Besides, (and I’m sure you guys would mostly agree) fancy doesn’t always mean tastier. I mean, the butter and pepper flavoured fish was just magical. :) Oh yeah… and right at the back of the plate in the photo you might notice leftover KFC coleslaw. We don’t like wasting food, and I really do like leftovers!

Grilled fish and salad

And where was Jac while we ate our dinner? At hockey, scoring four goals!

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