We have also been saddened this week by the sudden death of my sister’s cat Baubles. Having lost our cat Ruby in tragic circumstances a number of years ago and knowing just how much we love our two furry babies now, I can imagine just how devastating this loss has been to my sister.

Baubles  Baubles

Baubles and I were housemates for a while, when I was around 19 and shared a flat with her and my sister. Baubles used to run and hide under my bed when the garbage collectors came every week. She liked to hang out in my room while I typed up my essays for uni. Whenever I ate corn chips she would jump on my lap and try to climb onto my chest to get the crumbs – of course, I’d end up sharing the chips with her. We’d sit on the couch together, crunching noisily on the corn chips while I watched TV (in those days, something like Donahue or Melrose Place). She will definitely be missed by all of us.

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