Friday morning

As I do sometimes, I woke up around 7am craving rice and something garlicky. I raided the fridge and found a single leftover salt and pepper chicken thigh from the other night. I popped it on a plate for reheating in the microwave with some leftover rice. I found some washed lettuce that Jac had forgotten to put away after dinner the night before. I roughly chopped the lettuce into smaller but not small pieces, and then chopped up a large clove of garlic. And so while the chicken and rice were being microwaved, I quickly stir-fried the garlic and lettuce in the wok with a little soy sauce and oyster sauce. Jac awoke to the aroma of frying garlic :). Our house guest slept through the whole thing, which is probably a good thing. She’d probably think my breakfast was terribly strange!

Leftover chicken, stirfried lettuce with garlic and oyster sauce

Stir-fried lettuce close-up

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