I was tired, but at last, text with the pictures

Belated text to go with the pictures:

This was a very basic cheese and mustard on toast. The cheese was Farmers Union Old Bitey (just the name makes me want to eat it! It is yuuuuuummy cheese!) and we used Australian mustard to add a little more bitey-ness. But just the cheese on its own without mustard would’ve been beautiful too. Good ol’ Old Bitey!

Cheese and mustard on toast

We had grilled fish and vegetables/salad for dinner during the week. To go with the fish, Jac made a carrot and sultana salad – grated carrot and sultanas with a dressing made with a little honey, a little soy sauce, a little 100% fat free French dressing (according to her, for additional “lubricant”) and sesame oil. She topped it all with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. The result was sweet yet savoury. It was really good – I’d definitely eat it again. Sorry about the vague amounts for the salad dressing – she made it up as she went along to taste, so there were/are no set amounts.

Carrot and sultana salad with sesame oil and honey dressing

She also grilled some brown mushrooms with garlic and onions, then served them with chopped parsley.

Grilled garlic and onion mushrooms topped with fresh parsley

Here’s the grilled baby snapper with the salad/vegie trimmings. And oh, she served sliced orange and pear with the vegies too. I was surprised how well pear went with fish! But I ate the orange slices after all the savoury stuff (and pear) was gone.

Grilled baby snapper with vegies

We also had dinner at Jac’s mum’s last week. She made her fantastic savoury lamb chops (a family recipe involving Worchestershire sauce and tomato sauce among other things, which I can’t share, sorry!), mashed potato, cauliflower cheese and boiled vegies (carrot, pumpkin, peas).

Savoury chops with mashed potato, cauliflower cheese and boiled vegies

For dessert we had warm baked chocolate pudding with a little bit of cream.

Warm chocolate pudding with cream (looks kind of like poo!)

On Tuesday evening VR grilled snapper fillets with butter, salt and pepper, and served them with salad and freshly hard-boiled eggs.

Grilled snapper with salad and hard-boiled egg

Wednesday evening was VR’s very last night with us. We went out for tea at – yep, our favourite Asian food hall. Once again I had glutinous chicken rice…

Glutinous chicken rice

… and chee cheong fun. Next time I will have to have something else so you guys won’t have to look at the same food over and over again! :)

Chee cheong fun

VR had a big bowl of tom yum soup with prawns – though as Chubbypanda pointed out, there were too many mushrooms and not enough prawns.

Tom yum soup

VR fished around and found perhaps half a dozen or so juicy prawns, so it wasn’t too bad. She thought the soup was too tomatoey, and didn’t finish it. Jac and I tried it, and we both thought it was really tasty. We proceeded to share the soup between us since VR didn’t want any more. I ate all the pieces of cooked tomato that were in the soup – I love sweet cooked tomato! I might order this soup for myself next time – but a chicken version.

Prawn from tom yum soup

Jac had yong tow foo, popiah (no photo this time) and her old favourite steamed pork dumplings. She always brings a tupperware from home and takes home whatever she can’t finish. :)

Siew mai (steamed pork dumplings)

On Friday night, I had IKEA Swedish meatballs which we had in our freezer – I ate them with Jac’s mum’s homemade tomato relish and rice. YUMMO.

IKEA Swedish meatballs, tomato relish and rice

So why was I so tired on Friday night when I posted these photos sans text? Well, remember when I told you I scored a job on the same day I handed in my thesis? Well, I did start that job, but then I got an amazingly better offer – we’re talking significantly better, not only money-wise but opportunity-wise and responsibility-wise. And so on Monday last week I started a new job, for the second time in the space of a week! It’s been great so far – really full-on, hectic, challenging (definitely that!), but really good – I’ve been so busy and so focused on what I’ve been doing (and learning to do) that the days have been been just flying by! I’ve been putting all my brainpower and energy into adjusting to my new job and routine, and so unfortunately the study looks like a bomb has hit it, I’m running really behind with comment replies, running even more behind with email replies (if you’ve sent me an email recently, please be patient, I will get back to you!), and I haven’t had a chance to blog much (bad BAD tfp!).

I have photos from the weekend to post – with luck I’ll have a chance to do so Wednesday or Thursday night if not sooner soon.

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