Flaky flaky pastry

I pass by Croissant Express just about every morning on my way to work, and on Monday morning I decided to get one of their freshly baked savoury pastries for my breakfast. I chose a delicious-looking pillow-shaped chicken and vegetable bistro pastry ($.3.80).

Chicken and vegetable bistro pastry

I love puff pastry. To me, it’s a squillion times more delicious than short crust pastry. When we were kids, for a Saturday afternoon snack my mum would cut little squares of frozen puff pastry and make plump little sausage rolls using tinned cocktail sausages (some of you probably call these pigs in a blanket?). They were so tasty. Now, this chicken and vegetable pastry was made with puff pastry, which is good, but I thought it was just was a little too flaky. The pastry was so light and flaky and airy that my fingers sank right into it when I picked it up, and with every bite, flakes of pastry fell everywhere. It was extremely hard work to not get bits of pastry on my work clothes. Food items like this are precisely why they have the “no eating” rule on the train. As you can see from this photo, I had to eat my way through quite a bit of pastry before I got to the filling.

Many layers of pastry

The chicken and vegetable filling was very creamy and its flavour reminded me of tinned asparagus. It was pretty tasty but could’ve definitely done with more chicken and most definitely more vegetables! I counted exactly three chunks of chicken, and came across a few green vaguely vegetable-like things which could’ve been anything. I guess it’s a matter of personal preference, but when I eat anything called “chicken and vegetable whatever” I do like to find pieces of vegetables I can identify, and more than three bits of chicken!

Creamy filling

Anyway – I enjoyed the pastry despite the messiness and lack of identifiable vegetables. I don’t think I’ll be rushing back to have another though.

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