Three work lunches

Three lunches I ate this week – all enjoyed and recommended.

From Nippon Fare on Hay Street: teriyaki udon – fat, soft udon noodles stir-fried with cabbage and carrot and served with sliced grilled teriyaki chicken and slivers of pink pickled ginger. I stirred the ginger through the noodles before tucking in – delicious.

Teriyaki udon

From one of the Chinese stalls (the one next to the Gelatino stand) in Subiaco Pavillion Markets: Singapore fried bee hoon, with choy sum, lots of chicken, fish cake and egg, three bursty prawns. A delicious wok hei flavour. I ate half at work, took the rest home and ate it for breakfast the next day.

Singapore fried bee hoon

From Nippon Fare again: small teriyaki chicken, rice and crunchy green pickles.

Teriyaki chicken, rice and pickles

Eaten with the teriyaki chicken and rice: Japanese potato salad – mashed potato salad with thinly sliced cucumber and carrot.

Japanese potato salad

I fear unleashing the voraciously KFC devouring beast I know lives inside me, and so the best thing to do is avoid avoid AVOID!

Note: I have more posts coming, but right now it’s time to get on the cross-trainer for some exercise.

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