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I used to completely avoid cheese because it made me gluggy* – this meant no pizza, Juniorburgers** instead of Cheeseburgers, Sausage and Egg McMuffins minus cheese, the Hungry Jack’s Whopper rather than Whopper with Cheese, no grilled cheese on toast, cheese on crackers, no extra cheese on top of spaghetti, no lasagna, etc. Over the years though, I’ve gradually reintroduced cheese into my life. As you know I now eat pizza fairly regularly, and I eat various McDonald’s burgers and McMuffins that feature cheese. I’ve worked out that my body can tolerate cheese as long as I don’t have too many consecutive cheesy meals. I love having grilled cheese on toast back in my life again!

Last Sunday afternoon Jac made us both a snack of grilled cheese on toast using leftover hot dog buns. I asked her to go light on the cheese for mine. This, apparently, was “light”. Heheheh. She used my current favourite cheese, Mainland Vintage Cheddar. I am so not a cheese connoisseur! Hahaha. I must confess I’m one of those people who actually likes Kraft Processed Cheese – you know, the one you buy off the supermarket shelf that comes in the blue cardboard box? I also love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, which also comes in a blue box. I don’t do blue cheese (too stinky!), just blue boxed cheese.

Light on the cheese please!

Grilled cheese on toast

Jac used two different kinds of cheese on hers – the same vintage cheddar as me, with cherry tomatoes, and an orangey-coloured variety called Russet Red. I guess looking at her grilled cheese you can see how mine is “light on the cheese”. :)

Two different kinds of cheese

It’s a long weekend, YAY! Monday is Foundation Day. As far as weekend plans go, I was supposed to sleep in this morning – I failed miserably there, as usual. I also intend to springclean my pc (this involves me putting on my anti-static wrist strap, taking the pc apart and cleaning the dust off the components with a can of compressed air). I also have to help Jac in the garden – we’ve borrowed a mate’s mulcher because we have great mounds of prunings/clippings that need to be mulched. Those of you who know me well, yes yeeeees… I am soooo not looking forward to that. I suck at garden chores. I don’t like getting dirty and there are too many things lurking about that make me itch. And apparently I am irresistible to bugs that bite. [Thus ends my early Saturday morning whinge – but really, I don’t mind helping Jac if it will (1) make her happy and (2) be good for our home]

I have more posts to come, but right now I might go back to bed.

*Gluggy as in phlegmy. There, I said it. Yes, ewwww gross.
**Showing my age here! Hahahaha. I believe McDonald’s now call these Hamburgers.

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