I’ve had emails from a few people recently telling me how much they love this site (thank you, that’s always a pleasure to hear!) and how they would love it even more if I could update more regularly during the week, instead of bulk posting once a week. Guys, believe me, I hear you and furthermore, I fully agree – I would love to be able to post here daily. I honestly do not have the time and energy to do much during the week other than sleep, eat, exercise, work and then spend a little time with Jac in the evenings. I’m up at 4:20am on weekdays so I can fit in exercise and breakfast before getting ready for and travelling to work. When I leave for work Jac is still in bed, and now that it’s winter here it’s dark when I leave the house and dark again when I return home. I don’t access personal email or this site while I am at work. I’ve been working long hours and am pretty much drained mentally and physically by the end of the day – consequently I have to get to bed pretty early on weeknights. When I get home I can choose between sitting at my computer working on my blog or spending the time with Jac – I’ve been choosing the latter. I don’t know how long I’ll keep up with this routine, but that’s how my life is at the moment. If I could earn a good living simply by blogging, how wonderful life would be, for you and for me! Unfortunately, I have to work, and work happens to be rather demanding. Sorry! :-/

And now, the food. Nicole Jackson, you will be pleased to hear we finally found some turkey bacon! We had it with fried eggs for breakfast last Sunday. It smelled just like bacon while it was frying, but I’m afraid having now tried it I must say I much prefer the real thing. Jac quite liked the turkey bacon, but I didn’t like its texture. Even when I’ve eaten very lean bacon it was porky and meaty – the turkey bacon just didn’t have a meaty enough texture for me. We’ll probably stick to real bacon, and just not have it too often nor too much at a time. Chubbypanda, I made a turkey bacon and eggs face a la Cookie Monster, just for you!

Turkey bacon and eggs, Cookie Monster style

For lunch, we watched Season 4 of Magnum P.I. on DVD while munching on fresh vegetables dipped into Neil Perry aioli.

Fresh vegies with aioli

For dinner, Jac fried up some lamb and herb sausages.

Lamb and herb sausages

She made a potato bake using the secret family recipe (sorry guys! I’d love to, but I’m not allowed to share it, so please don’t ask) to go with the sausages.

Potato bake

Potato bake

She served the sausages and creamy potatoes with steamed broccoli and English spinach. It was a really tasty meal. That potato bake was unbelievable and the sausages were delicious. Even the steamed greens were great – they went very well with the more strongly flavoured sausages and potatoes. I ate far more potato bake than I should’ve and felt extremely gluggy afterwards from all the cream I’d consumed. I went to bed that night feeling sick with my head all blocked up – luckily by the next morning I felt much better. I did regretfully inform Jac she could have the leftover potato bake all to herself.

Sausages, potato bake and steamed broccoli and English spinach

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