Tuesday night dinner with friends

On Tuesday night MT and her son LT came over for dinner. We had chicken burgers (Jac made the chicken burger patties with chicken mince and a selection finely chopped vegetables), and as LT is vegetarian Jac made vegie patties too, using Sanitarium brand Rediburger.

Here’s the platter of chicken and vegie burger patties, some topped with melted cheese.

Burger patties, some with cheese, some vegetarian

It was MYO burgers – everyone grabbed a burger bun and pattie of choice and loaded up with salad and sauce, fried onions, fried garlic mushrooms and fried eggs.

Salad for the burgers

Here’s my chicken burger. Jac fried the eggs over easy, leaving the yolk soft and gooey inside. As you can see, I filled my bun most generously with delicious things. I could barely get my mouth over the burger to take a bite. I also tried a vegie pattie – it was savoury and pretty tasty but no substitute for meat (that’s just this devoted meatlover’s opinion). LT is a young man with an enormous appetitie – he managed two burgers!


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