Wednesday work food Part 1 – breakfast

I had a course to attend in Perth on Wednesday morning and decided to go into the city earlier and grab some breakfast. And so, just after 7:00am I wandered around town looking for somewhere I could sit for an hour or so, have a full cooked breakfast and read my book. I like a leisurely big breakfast. I ended up at Etro on King Street, where I ordered the Etro Full Cooked Breakfast (AU$17.20): two eggs (I chose fried), bacon, beef chipolatas, fried onions, mushrooms, roasted tomato, two large pieces of toasted sourdough bread and a salad garnish. I immediately plunged my fork eagerly into one of the bouncy chipolatas (YUM! I reckon they’d squeak in the pan when frying! I love squeaky sausages!) and munched on a piece of crispy bacon. The toast was perfect for mopping up the oozy egg yolk. The tomato was so soft and sweet and sprinkled with herbs, and I wished for more. I cut my bacon, egg and toast into bite-sized pieces so I could spear everything with my fork, leaving my knife hand free to hold my book. As I read and ate I wished I had the time to go out for breakfast more often. These days I find myself constantly thinking about how as a student I had so much more time to do stuff but so little money, and now I have more money but so little time to do all the things I should’ve done when I had the time as a student. It sucks, really!

Etro Full Cooked Breakfast

Sharp-eyed readers will probably notice the pool of oil sitting on this egg. It was a big, greasy, leisurely breakfast.


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