Beautiful cake

We’ve had a uni student doing an internship with us for the past four weeks or so, and Thursday was her last day. We got her a box of handmade choccies from Taffy’s and presented her with a certificate of appreciation, thanking her for all her efforts during four challenging weeks. That morning, as I made up the certificate, my boss and I discussed the wording we would use on it and decided “challenging” was a much more appropriate word to have permanently displayed on a certificate than “manic”, “trying” or “shocking”! Hahaha. :-D And for morning tea our intern brought in a most gorgeous cake, from a bakery in Northbridge called Casa Del Dolce.

Thank you cake

Thank you cake

Cake cross-section

The cake was soft and light, with layers of custard and strawberries – it was so good. I couldn’t resist, and ate this whole slice! I loved everything about it – the icing on the outside, the flaked almonds on the edge, the sweet custard, the strawberry jam layers, the moist cake.

Slice of cake

Office people can sure eat a lot.

After the happy gluttons have been

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