Monday work food

I really like having company at lunch time, but I also love having lunch by myself when I have a good book to read as I eat (book of the moment is The Merchant of Venus by Ellen Hart – should be finishing it off tomorrow).

And so yesterday, I lunched alone with my book. I went to Han’s and had the green curry chicken rice (AU$8.95) with an orange juice (AU$2.50).

Green curry chicken rice

The curry had a lovely flavour and featured chicken pieces, broccoli, red capsicum, bamboo shoots and chunks of potato. I loved it. I ate the whole bowl of curry you see there, including every drop of the gravy. I would’ve licked the bowl if there was no one to see! When I used to eat this curry at one of the Han’s Cafes in the city, it consisted of chicken, bamboo shoots and green peas. I think this Subiaco version is much nicer. I love potato in curries. The potato in this curry was cooked just how I like potatoes to be in curries, stews and casseroles – soft enough for fork or teeth to sink into it with little effort, but able to keep its (in this case, roughly cuboid) shape. Hans tends to use chicken breast in its chicken dishes – as regular readers will know, I’m a thigh/dark meat gal. But the curry was so tasty I’d order this again, breast meat and all.

Green curry chicken

A couple of people have told me they reckon there are much better places around for asian food – I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but right now Han’s suits my needs very well – it is convenient, quick and tasty enough, and allows me to satisfy my almost daily requirement for rice or noodles.

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