Saturday breakfast at Miss Maud

On Saturday morning as soon as we woke up, Jac told me she had a hankering for eggs benedict at Miss Maud. And so that’s where we went for breakfast: Miss Maud Pastry House (as opposed to Miss Maud Swedish Smorgasbord Restaurant, which is located in the city) at Carousel Shopping Centre. We started with drinks – she had a sunrise (AU$4.10), described on the menu as a refreshing blend of orange juice, pineapple juice, lemonade and a touch of magic sunrise. I had a large 100% orange juice. We were trying to work out what the red in the sunrise was – grenadine? raspberry cordial?

Sunrise and OJ

Jac enjoyed her eggs benedict (AU$11.50), which consisted of poached eggs, baby spinach and sliced ham, topped with hollandaise sauce and served on toasted Turkish bread. You can order this with smoked salmon instead of ham for an extra $2.25. You can see in the photo how rounded and bursty the eggs were.

Eggs Benedict

I didn’t feel like traditional breakfast fare and ordered the farmhouse pie (AU$12.85). I chose the chicken and vegetable pie (the other pie choice is steak and mushroom), which came with a choice of side salad, the choices being Swedish beetroot salad (regular readers will know I can’t stand beetroot!), potato salad or garden salad. I chose the garden salad, which was dressed with a fat free raspberry vinaigrette.

Farmhouse pie

The pie was really lovely – the filling was piping hot and the pastry golden and crispy. The pie filling was really delicious – nice pieces of chicken, not too finely minced, with peas and corn in a tasty gravy which was the perfect consistency, not too overly thick nor white saucy. What was great about this chicken pie is that it was delicious AND tasted different to the individual Miss Maud chicken and vegetable pies you can buy takeaway, which I have bought many a time. I will definitely have this again, though I think next time I will try the steak and mushroom pie.

Farmhouse pie innards

The salad went very well with the pie. I loved the vinaigrette. It was pink-tinged and slightly sweet, I guess from the raspberry vinegar.

Garden salad with raspberry vinaigrette

As Jac paid at the counter I did my best impression of a snap-happy tourist and took some photos of the goodies in the display case.

Miss Maud goodies 1

Miss Maud goodies 2

Miss Maud goodies 3

Miss Maud goodies 4

Pies! I really like Miss Maud’s snack beef pie, chicken pie and steak and mushroom pie. Their sausage rolls are yummy too. I’ve been meaning to try their beef curry pie. Next time, perhaps.

Miss Maud goodies 5

A few people have tagged me for memes, some quite a while ago, some very recently. I do intend to post my responses… but they have been taking me ages to write. I’ll get there eventually!

Right now, it’s time to read a book and have a cuppa.

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