Camera's last supper

Jac and I had brunch at Miss Maud yesterday, before we got into the grocery shopping at Woolies.

Jac had a craving for lasagna and ordered Miss Maud's version (AU$13.25), which came with a side salad - she chose the garden salad.

Jac also ordered another side salad - the beetroot salad. Jac absolutely loves beetroot, which I absolutely refuse to eat. She pretty much demolished all her food, and enjoyed it immensely.

I was in the mood for something completely different and chose the chicken and mushroom risotto (AU$13.20) which came served with a couple of triangles of toasted turkish bread. There was plenty of chicken (perhaps diced a little too fine) and plenty of mushroom, and the texture of the risotto itself was lovely (like a medium consistency chok), but flavour-wise it was kind of bland. I added salt and then more salt and wished for a little soy sauce. :-D It wasn't bad, but nothing I'd ever crave to eat again.

These Miss Maud photos may well be the Ixus V's last supper (brunch, whatever!). Jac's keen to adopt the Ixus V - she plans to tape up the battery compartment to stop it popping open - so I guess it's not goodbye forever just yet. It's been a great little camera, but I'm now learning how to use my new camera. I'd been at the camera shop before meeting up with Jac for food - I guess losing more photos was the final straw that pushed me into making a decision, after all the research and umming and aahing. I agonised over the pros and cons of potential cameras - I wanted to be sure I'd chosen well. I wanted to make sure I could continue to take the photos I like, that you guys like. Anyway, I think I made the right choice for me and what I plan to use the camera for. First shots coming up next.