Dinners at home

Argh, running behind with posts yet again.

Dinner, Tuesday last week - Jac pounded skinless boneless chicken thigh pieces flat, seasoned and then layered them with spinach, garlic and mushrooms. She oven baked them wrapped in foil with a little butter. These chicken thingies were served with baked potatoes (baked in the oven with the chicken) and steamed vegies. The chicken was moist and delicious.

Dinner, Wednesday last week - chicken enchiladas bought from Lenard's and then baked in the oven. Jac made us each a salad to eat with them. Here's my salad.

Jac's salad was just like mine, plus sliced fresh red onion.

These were really tasty. And long!

Dinner, Thursday last week - Jac was at hockey as usual and lazy me grabbed a box of KFC on the way home from work. Here are two pieces of my three-piece-feed, Original Recipe.

Have run out of time again. Will endeavour to post tomorrow evening.