Feed your cold a curry!

On Tuesday afternoon I rang Jac from the office.
“Would you like me to pick something up for dinner on my way home from work?” I asked.
“Yes,” Jac replied at once. “Curry.”
“What sort of curry?” I asked.
“Any sort, as long as it’s hot and burny.”
OK then!

I finished work around 4pm – not a good time to get takeaway curry. I would’ve liked to grab curry from Chutney Mary’s but it didn’t open for dinner until 5:30pm – and, as I discovered when I got there, Maya Masala in Northbridge was exactly the same. I didn’t really want to walk around aimlessly until then, so what to do? I remembered the Old Shanghai Food Hall on James Street in Northbridge. I was sure there was an Indian food stall there.

I couldn’t remember if the Old Shanghai was closed on Tuesday or something silly like that – thankfully, it wasn’t. And thankfully there was indeed an Indian stall – it’s called Kipling’s. Since Jac requested “hot and burny” I got a beef vindaloo. In case the vindaloo turned out to be too hot for me to eat – I suck at eating super-hot curries – I got a chicken kurma too. In addition to those two meat curries, I got a cabbage dish and a box of yellow rice.

The cabbage was surprisingly but not unbearably spicy. It was really tasty.

Spicy cabbage

The kurma was delicious. There were four big chicken drumsticks, and I was pleased to see they still had their skin on.

Chicken kurma

I did take photos of the vindaloo, but they didn’t turn out very well – so this is my plate, with a ginormous chicken drumstick, cabbage, rice and a little vindaloo on the left at the top of the plate. As it turned out I was able to eat the vindaloo after all. It was definitely hot, much hotter than the kurma and cabbage, but not too hot. Jac said she’s had way waaay hotter vindaloo, but she enjoyed it nonetheless. The beef was wonderfully tender – it had obviously been cooking for a long time. The chicken was cooked beautifully too. We both really enjoyed our dinner. The curries really hit the spot with Jac. She ate two drumsticks, while I only managed one! Most unusual!


And the next night, we had the leftovers for dinner! So that it wouldn’t be exactly the same meal, Jac made two additional side dishes. She quickly fried some mushrooms in butter, and made up a quick curried cauliflower and peas dish, cooked in a sauce made from the last of the kurma gravy. I had my second drumstick, of course, along with everything else. The curries, cabbage and rice had cost me almost AU$50, so it was great that it was enough for two generously sized dinners for two. There’s chicken skin under there, I promise you! EDIT: Oh yes, and the pappadum you can see in the photo was leftover from our recent Patak’s Butter Chicken Kit dinner.

And again!

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