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If you’ve been reading this site since last year you’ll remember Jac’s SVT. Well, last Sunday it happened again. Don’t worry, she’s fine – just like the last time, the doctors at the hospital were able to get her heart rate down to normal – but also like the last time, they couldn’t tell us what caused it to happen. It seems that Jac’s one of many people (apparently a lot more than you’d think!) whose heart just goes wonky and beats too fast – extremely and abnormally fast – sometimes. We’ve been told it’s not necessarily linked to heart attack or heart disease, and this problem affects all kinds of people – from thin people to overweight people to even super-fit athletes. The thing of course, is learning how to deal with it quickly and effectively, and as you can probably imagine, it’s really scary when it happens, even if you know what it is and what you need to do. If the SVT happens again really soon – and there’s no way to predict if it will – Jac’s been advised to go and see a cardiologist about getting a heart monitor (this would involve minor surgery, as it would have to implanted).

Poor Jac had been getting over a cold and a horrible cough, which didn’t help – and now the SVT left her feeling completely exhausted. She took most of the week off. She spent the majority of the time with her other woman – Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote (hah! who did you think the other woman was?! :)) – my preordered Season 2 DVD set arrived in the mail, and Jac’s been watching them non-stop. The cats, of course, were thrilled to have someone to cuddle up to in bed during the day. What a bugger it was that I had to work! Well, I would’ve taken time off and looked after Jac if she needed me, without hesitation – but she insisted I go to work. After all, when she wasn’t watching Murder, She Wrote, she was mostly sleeping, and she was able to get up and make herself a cup of tea when she felt like it, and whip up something simple to eat for lunch. It wasn’t like she was incapacitated, thank goodness. I did call to check on her during the day – quite tricky, as I had to guess when she wouldn’t be sleeping so I wouldn’t disturb her – luckily, I managed to do this most of the time! – and I finished work early on Monday and Tuesday.

Jac’s definitely OK – she’s been busy this afternoon vacuuming and mopping the floors. Right now she’s now preparing potato bake for dinner, which she’ll serve with turkey sausages, and she’s planning to play hockey tomorrow.

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