Late night shopping junky dinner

I had a shitty day at work on Thursday and felt really depressed at the end of the day. All I wanted for dinner was a Filet O Fish, Fries and Chicken McNuggets. Jac took me to the shops just so I could get my McDonald’s.

I did take a photo of the Filet O Fish which didn’t turn out very well, but here are the McNuggets.


Jac got herself a meatlovers pizza from the pizza place in the food hall.

Meatlovers pizza

We walked around the shops a little while. Shopping always makes me feel a little better when I’m feeling down. Not grocery shopping, but shopping for fun things like books, DVDs, electronic gadgets and electrical appliances. I went to Ezydvd and bought three Elvis movies: Kissin’ Cousins, Charro and Stay Away Joe. Not his best work I think, but I wanted them to add to my collection. I also got Fight Club, which I’ve been meaning to get for sometime. Whenever I buy myself any DVDs I like to get Jac something too. I got her Milo and Otis. She really loves animal movies.

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