Quiz night snacks

We’re off to a quiz night tonight. It’s being held by Jac’s hockey club. Our team consists of Jac and me and three of my siblings and their partners: CW and M, Juji and Jay, and Mark and Ange. Whenever we go to a quiz night we bring lots of food and pig out the whole time. This time round, Jac’s made mini scotch eggs. A scotch egg is usually a hard boiled egg encased with minced meat, covered with breadcrumbs and then deep fried. Yes, I know, not the healthiest of food items, but trust me, it’s definitely not something we eat regularly – in fact, I haven’t had a scotch egg in years. So anyway, instead of regular scotch eggs, Jac’s made mini ones for tonight using boiled quail eggs and chicken mince, which should make perfect quiz night grub. The breadcrumb coating on the eggs looks a little dark in the photo, but they should taste pretty good.

Mini scotch eggs

I’m working on this week’s posts now, but I have to do the dishes shortly – I told Jac I’d clean up since she’s done most of the cooking for tonight. In addition to the mini scotch eggs, Jac’s made a couple of dips to go with fresh vegies – more on that a little later. I always tell Jac that I love her cooking but I wish she didn’t leave such a huge mess in the kitchen! She freely admits and agrees that she does create a large pile of washing up whenever she cooks, no matter what it is! When VR stayed with us over the summer she and I used to joke that Jac would need to use ten pans just to boil an egg (an exaggeration, of course)! There will be a few more things to do before we leave tonight – I’m making a big thermos of tea to take along, and we have to chop up the fresh vegies to eat with Jac’s two dips. I just wish I wasn’t so tired. I really don’t know how well my brain will work tonight.

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