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The potato bake is in the oven and I can hear the sausages sizzling in the pan – yum! I can’t wait for dinner, even though I absolutely stuffed my face with the last of the bolognaise on a big bowl of rice at lunch time!

Monday: a cold and rainy day, and on rainy days I always get a craving for a curry. Don’t ask me why, I just do! I really felt like a nice Malaysian-style chicken curry – you know the kind I mean, with pieces of chicken on the bone with the skin on, and chunks of potato, like the one I had at Spencer Village at Easter. Alas, so far I haven’t found anywhere near work to get such a curry yet. I went to Han’s and ordered the laksa egg noodle soup (AU$8.95), described on the menu as “egg noodles in Malaysian curry with chicken and seafood” – I figured even though this wasn’t exactly what I felt like it would be close enough. Unfortunately, the dish I was served was definitely not Malaysian curry – in fact, it tasted exactly like a soup version of the Thai red curry chicken I’d eaten in the previous week! It was delicious, with chicken, prawns, fish cake and squid, but not at all what I’d been expecting. Initially I had suspicion that they’d made me the wrong curry noodle soup dish – I’d ordered item no.19, laksa egg noodle soup, but perhaps they’d given me item no.20, Thai curry noodle soup – but then according to the menu, the Thai curry noodle dish comes with rice noodles, and I definitely had egg noodles in the dish I was served. Hmmmm. So did they serve me “correct” dish, which really isn’t a Malaysian curry soup at all, or did they serve me the “wrong” dish, prepared with the wrong noodles, egg noodles instead of rice noodles? I realise I could’ve queried this at the time, but it was a little busier than usual that day and by the time my food arrived I had to eat quite quickly so I wouldn’t be too late getting back to the office.

Curry noodle soup

Tuesday: lunch was from Nippon Fare – how many times have I eaten this combo for lunch now?! A large teriyaki chicken and potato salad. I’m still trying to get used to the pink pickles but I really, really miss the green. This must be pretty obvious as I’ve been saying this ever since they switched to pink. Bring back the green pickles!

Large teriyaki chicken

The potato salad was as yummy as ever, but chunkier than usual. The potato was mostly in cubes – normally it’s more like roughly mashed potatoes, or put in more wanky terms “crushed” potatoes. Hah. This detail didn’t bother me much, it was just something I noticed as I ate it.

Potato salad

This was the tuna mayo sushi one of my workmates had. She enjoyed two packs of this sushi.

Tuna mayo sushi

Wednesday: a return trip to Han’s, but no curry noodle soups, thanks! My tuna mayo sushi-eating workmate had the seafood stir fried fresh noodle (AU$8.95).

Seafood stir fried fresh noodle

I had chilli chicken rice (AU$8.95). This was yummy, but I just had to laugh when tasted it – it tasted just like… you guessed it, that Thai red curry, again!

Chilli chicken rice

Thursday: while just about everyone else had gozleme, the new guy and I grabbed takeaway from the Malaysian stall opposite the Japanese stall at the Pavilion Markets. It looked like crap but was very tasty. Left to right: ayam masak kicap (chicken cooked in soy sauce), potatoes and beans (very spicy – not enough beans though!) and fried cabbage. This combination was one meat dish, two vegetable dishes and rice – I think it was around the $10 mark, I can’t remember exactly.

Sloppy combo

Friday: Chad and I took our umbrellas for a walk in the rain and had lunch at the Pavilion Markets. Chad had her favourite noodle dish – Singapore fried bee hoon (AU$8.50). She thought this was absolutely delicious! She’s not a fan of choy sum though, and left it on the plate. EDIT: Chad was somewhat amused (perhaps even mildly offended?) that when our food was delivered to our table it came with one pair of chopsticks, presumably for me, and a fork, presumably for “the whitey” (she said it, not me! :)).

Singapore fried bee hoon

I had char kway teow (AU$8.50), which was as good as ever. We each had three bursty prawns in our dishes, lots of fish cake and lots of chicken. Very good indeed. Although I like doing my own thing (and being, I’m sure, to the staff of Han’s, that strange girl who likes to sit by the window and photographs her food), I like that I have work friends I can enjoy yummy food with.

Char kway teow

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