Friday night takeaway dinner

I offered to pick up something for dinner on my way home from work Friday night. Jac requested bulgogi from the Korean & Japanese Restaurant I’d gotten takeaway from previously, called Poppo. The restaurant was pretty busy when I got there, which was a very good sign. Lots of happy Korean and Japanese students enjoying their dinner by the looks of it.

The food was still warm when I got home, and we pretty much got stuck into it right away.

Here’s the bulgogi (AU$9.00) – Korean-style marinated beef with rice. The beef is sliced thinly and so very tender.

Beef bulgogi

On the right is the famous Korean spicy pickle called kimchi. On the left is a tasty sweet soy sauce we poured over the bulgogi and rice.

img src=”” class=”flickr-photo” alt=”Condiments for bulgogi”>

I also got a serve of gyoza ($6.00 for 5 pcs). The dipping sauce tasted of soy, sesame and chilli, and was delicious with the gyoza.


I felt like noodles and ordered yakisoba with chicken. Does it look familiar to you? (See a Monday’s noodle lunch here!) That pink pickled ginger was lovely stirred through the noodles. I liked that they were so generous with the ginger.

Chicken yakisoba

Knowing Jac would like some sort of vegetables or salad to go with the beef, I got a chicken salad – chicken rather than just plain garden salad because I can never get enough chicken! This salad features boiled chicken with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, snow pea sprouts, corn kernels and a crunchy surprise of chopped peanuts with a delicious mayonaise dressing. Jac had the avocado all to herself, while I devoured most of the corn.

Chicken salad

Although I’d bought the bulgogi for Jac and the yakisoba for me, in the end we shared all the dishes and really enjoyed them. I told Jac next time we’re in town on a Friday night we should have dinner at Poppo. Takeaway is very nice, but I’d like to have the true dining experience in the restaurant itself, you know?

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