Midweek dinner and movie date

We had dinner at Spencer Village in Thornlie on Wednesday evening.

Jac had rice paper rolls (a serve of four big rolls for AU$6.00) from the Vietnamese stall. There was prawn (which you can clearly see in the photo) and sliced roast pork in them, as well as the usual things – vermicelli, mint, coriander etc.

Rice paper rolls

This is one of my favourite photos from this week – my hainan chicken rice from Penang Cuisine. It’s ridiculously cheap – AU$5.50 or $6.00 from memory. Delicious and quick. A little more than five minutes after ordering, I was taking its photo and then digging in. Now, THIS is real chicken rice!

Hainan chicken rice

After dinner, we went to Hoyts Carousel to see The Simpsons movie. I thought it was great (I am a big Simpsons fan after all) – plenty of LOL moments, and I didn’t fall asleep once, even though I was really tired. Ever since Wednesday night, I’ve been walking around singing that song Homer sings… you know, the one involving the pig… :) I’d been planning to get a couple of red bean pao from Fook Kee to eat during the movie, but they’d run out of the sweet buns – d’oh!

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