MOO pizza on a Friday night

We did MOO pizza on Friday night – Make Our Own – using lebanese flat bread for the bases. This one had ham, sausage, capsicum, mushrooms, fresh tomato, onions, dried oregano and lots of chopped fresh garlic. We used tomato ketchup for the sauce. In an ode to Domino’s Godfather pizza, we called this one The Jacfather. Here it is, pre-cheesed:

The Jacfather pre-cheesed

And here, cheesed and ready for the oven.

The Jacfather cheesed

The other pizza had a generous squeezing of smokey barbecue sauce on the base, and we topped it with mushrooms, ham, spicy Italian sausage and fresh tomatoes. We called this one BBQ Meat and Mushroom.

BBQ meat and mushrooms pre-cheesed

BBQ Meat and Mushroom, cheesed. To minimise mess on the trays, I lined them with alfoil. I used a little canola spray on the foil before laying the bases down and putting the toppings on. The oil spray on the alfoil ensured the bottom of the pizza bases (1) didn’t get soggy and (2) had a lovely crunch to them.

BBQ meat and mushrooms cheesed

So good. Jac likes cheese to be very brown, as you can see. Me, I just eat it!

Plate of pizza

My first slice of BBQ Meat and Mushroom – and in the background you’ll see a bag of poppy seed bagels. We had them for breakfast this morning. That post coming up!

Pizza - tomorrow's bagels for breakfast in the background

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