Saturday lunch

We went to the Save the Children Book Sale in South Perth yesterday morning. Jac was rather pleased – she scored loads of cook books for $68 – most books were 50 cents or $1, a few *special* ones for $2 – $3. I didn’t make any thrilling finds for myself, but in the $11 or so I spent I did pick up a few old Choose Your Own Adventure books – yes, I do like reading those! After all the dusty book rummaging we felt rather hungry and decided to grab some lunch at Spencer’s.

Jac ordered a serve of chicken satay right away.

Chicken satay

We also shared a fried chicken drumstick.

Fried tumeric chicken drum stick

We then shared a plate of chai tow kway.

Chai tow kway

And a serve of yong tau foo.

Yong tau foo

Jac was feeling very thirsty and got herself two drinks – coconut juice, which is her usual beverage of choice, and the special for the day, citrus juice with dried plum. The citrus juice was very sugary and sweet, and the plum, which was sitting at the bottom of the glass, gave the drink a slight saltiness. Jac hadn’t thought about the dried plum when she ordered the drink – she doesn’t normally like eating preserved/dried/salty plums!

Coconut juice and citrus juice with dried plum

Behold, the dried plum, looking kind of like a shriveled brown brain.

The dried plum

After stuffing ourselves, we stopped by San Fatt, the Asian supermarket next to Spencer’s and bought a few items, including these two kueh bulu. My grandma used to make these all the time, and my sisters and I would help her. I love kueh bulu. These ones from San Fatt were very good ones, very soft and fluffy, with that lovely eggy smell. Now that grandma has passed away, I have her big steamer and I think Juji has the little metal cups she used to put the kueh bulu batter in, in the steamer. Hey Juj, want to come over sometime and make a batch of kueh bulu?

Kueh bulu

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