Still catching up on photos/posts! These were dinners we had the week before last.

Tuesday (2/10): We grabbed some takeaway from Singapore Hawkers Chinese Food, which is Shop 4 at 113 Collins Road, Willetton. I’ll be honest and say that SHCF wasn’t our first choice – we’d have bought dinner from Taurus if it had been open. Nothing at all against SHCF – we just love Taurus! Still, I was very happy with my food from SHCF. This was one of their $8.00 Dinner Takeaway Specials, garlic chicken with fried rice. I could smell the garlic all the way home in the car – frustratingly hungrifying whenever we sat at traffic lights. As soon as I got home and opened the lid, I could see why the garlic smell had been so powerful – they had been very generous with the amount of chopped garlic used! Yum!

Garlic chicken and fried rice

Whenever we get takeaway food – as in, takeaway food to eat at home – I have to put it on a plate or in a bowl. I don’t enjoy eating out of takeaway containers. There’s something I don’t like about eating out of a vessel with corners – I think it’s too hard to get every bit of sauce or rice out of corners, and I HATE leaving any bit behind if it’s yummy. Jac will be happy to just lift the lid, dig in and chomp away, but I will have to grab a plate and cutlery. I was like this even before I began taking photos of my food. :) This was GREAT – I ate the whole takeaway container’s worth in one sitting. Based on how delicious it was, I would definitely be happy to get takeaway from SHCF again. I’d like to try more of their $8.00 specials – the Malaysian curry chicken and steamed rice would be next on my list. But dining in would be good too, I reckon. Mmmmm.

Garlic chicken and fried rice on a plate

Wednesday: we had a simple dinner of Heart Smart beef sausages from Woolworths (shown here drizzled with smokey barbecue sauce), with mashed potatoes, peas and steamed vegies – brussels sprouts, zucchini and carrots. Jac thought if she chopped the brussels sprouts finely so they were no longer spherical in appearance I wouldn’t notice them, but she was wrong! Hahaha. Some of you will remember I am not particularly partial to brussels sprouts (see this post regarding the need to garlic out the brussels sprout smell). I still detected that smell as I ate them, but distracted my nose and taste buds with sausage. :)

Sausages with vegies

Thursday: Jac grabbed some takeaway from Roman Palace Restaurant. I got caught up at work and got home a little later than expected. By this time Jac had well and truly dug into her tortellini alfredo, so I didn’t get a photo of it. But this was the Italian salad we shared:

Italian salad

I’d requested the chicken parmigiana with spaghetti napolitana. It was FANTASTIC. Just imagine if I’d gotten home sooner, the crumbs on the chicken would’ve been even crispier! There were two big crumbed chicken fillets, perfectly cooked, pleasingly tender and moist. The flavour of the napolitana was lovely, the pasta cooked just right. I was particularly pleased with how the photo turned out too (yes, I took the pasta and chicken out of the takeaway container and arranged it on a dinner plate for the photo and for anti-eating-out-of-takeaway-containers-me), I reckon it looks delicious (which it was)! I really love my camera! You may have noticed I haven’t used the flash at all for ANY of the photos I’ve featured on the site since I started using the new camera. Anyway, back to the food – there was more pasta than this, too – it was a hearty serve, I must say. I ended up having the rest of it for breakfast the next day. I brought the last of the pasta and a leftover half a chicken parmigiana to work and tried to quietly zap it in the microwave without anyone noticing, but someone did – luckily he thought it smelled delicious and didn’t think it disturbing, weird or disgusting (like most people do) that I would be eating spaghetti napolitana with chicken parmigiana for breakfast.

Chicken parmigiana and spaghetti napolitana

Next (hopefully tomorrow night), food from two weekends ago! Doesn’t actually sound that good, does it? Heh.

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