Midweek dinner date

Wednesday last week (10/10): Jac and I had dinner at the International Food Hall at East Victoria Park. Jac’s been craving a lot of sashimi lately, and chose the sashimi plate from the Japanese stall, which included rice, miso soup and a big bowl of soy sauce for dipping.

Sashimi plate

The sashimi consisted of salmon and octopus. Jac enjoyed it, but to me, it was completely unappealing. :)

Sashimi plate close up

I ordered Singapore fried bee hoon from one of the Chinese stalls (the one with all the Chinese BBQ and roast meats hanging up). It was delicious and meaty! As soon as I;d ordered, the man grabbed a chunk of char siu (Chinese barbecue pork) and started chopping it up using a cleaver. I was very pleased to see that the char siu was for my noodles! In addition to the pork, there were a few prawns in the dish, and even better, as I ate the noodles I noticed the presence of little cubes of fried pork fat. No wonder it tasted so good. I know it’s bad having the extra fat in there, but nothing can beat the flavour of fried pork fat in a hawker-style noodle dish. Jac couldn’t resist having some pork, prawn and noodles too.

Singapore fried bee hoon

You’d think I’d be too full to even consider having dessert after getting through that pile of meat and noodles, but I was in the mood for something sweet. I ordered a pancake with banana and maple syrup from the stall that does pancakes, coffees, cake, ice cream, fish and chips and chicken nuggets. A simple dessert which even I could put together if I wasn’t too lazy to make pancake batter (alas, that’s a BIG LAZY to overcome)! Maple syrup is one of my favourite sweet liquids, I think. As you can see in the photo, the pancake wasn’t centred on the plate. I tried to shift it, but the middle was stuck to the plate via steam, and I didn’t want to risk ripping it before I’d taken the photo.

Pancake with banana and maple syrup

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