Perth Royal Show 2007, Part 4

The baby animals were so cute. The baby goats were happy, all dressed up and munching away.

Kids eating

Kids front and back

A kid

The duck on the left wouldn’t stop talking! Seriously, it was quack quack quack non-stop the whole time.


Duckling and chicks

They had assembled the plumpest chooks I’d seen in a while! I presume this was to maximise the cuteness factor.

Two plump chooks

The piglets snoozed the whole time.


This rabbit kept coming up to the fence to sniff at feet.

Curious bunny

Check out the paws on the grey bunny. So cute!

Chooks and sleeping babies - check out the cute paws

And here’s my tribute to Cute Overload… all those little plump furry sleepyheads!

My tribute to Cute Overload

I like this shot I took of a woman leading a group of alpacas. She really had to pull on the rope to keep them moving.

Alpacas on the move

This was a berkshire pig, looking like it was laughing.

The laughing berkshire

I visited the Port Jackson sharks, just like last year. These sharks were very bold and kept sticking their noses out of the water.

Port Jackson shark

At the Dairy Pavilion, we got free Calci Yum choc milk and strawberry milk.

Free milk from the Dairy Pavilion

The Peters ginger flavoured ice cream with crushed ginger biscuits was my favourite free sample at the Dairy Pavilion – it was sooooooooo good. Obviously you’d have to like ginger, or at least gingernut biscuits and gingerbread men – I hope this becomes a regular ice cream flavour. I can’t believe they hadn’t thought of it until now. Imagine making a ginger beer spider with this ginger ice cream. Mmmm, the gingery flavour would be unbelievable, though maybe the biscuit bits would be gross. :)

Gingerbread ice cream

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