Perth Royal Show 2007, Part 5

Continuing on with Show photos…

Cactus bouncy castle  Rides
Mini roller coaster  Teacup ride

The greatest show on earth

Jac always says how much she’d like to drive a bulldozer. We always have to stop and check out earthmoving vehicles that are on display.


John Deere Gator

John Deere Gator back view

She’d like to have a go driving any of these, actually.

Big drill bits

Looks like a bottle brush

We soon found ourselves in another food hall featuring a Chinese food stall.

Chinese deep fried goodies

Chinese food

Jac bought deep-fried meat on a stick. As soon as I bit into it I was sure I knew what it was – leftover beef satay covered in batter, deep-fried and sold as… deep-fried meat on a stick. Probably not one of the food highlights of our day. :)

Old satay refried in batter

Almost time to have dinner. I’ll try to post more after that.

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