Perth Royal Show 2007, Part 7

We always love looking at the poultry exhibits. I forgot to write down the breed names of the chooks, sorry!

White chook

The label for this one said “Frizzle”.


White fluffy silky

I called this one Tina Turner.

Tina Turner chook

I’d like a big rooster like this in the backyard as a guard chook. The big chooks are quite fearsome to look at. Majestically fearsome.

Big rooster

Tina Turner pair

A tall pair

Pair of ducks

The duck on the right started it!

You lookin' at me?

The pigeons are always interesting too. Here’s the one that looks like it’s wearing a fancy posh fur coat.

Fluffly ruff

I like this one, a very stocky rugby player sort of pigeon.

Stocky pigeon

Freaky feathered feet eh?

Freaky feathered feet

The puffed out chesty pigeons look so uncomfortable to me. I don’t know anything about pigeons, obviously!

Chesty pigeons

I think we’ve decided to have chooks in the backyard again. We haven’t had chooks since we left our three at Jac’s mum’s place a couple of years ago when Jac’s auntie stayed in our backyard in her caravan on her way around Australia. It will be good to have fresh eggs again, and I love the sound of chooks in the backyard. We just have to sort out some fencing in the backyard and get things organised before we actually get more chooks… how exciting!

I’ve run out of time tonight – time to get ready for bed and another working week. :( I’ll try to post more tomorrow night or during the week. Two more Show posts to come, plus last week’s food!

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