Perth Royal Show 2007, Part 8

Continuing on with the Show photos…

This was one of my favourite areas of the Show – the cooking exhibit. On the day we went, the cakes and other baked goodies were on display. First, some original wedding cakes…

Wedding cakes

I liked the minature champagne on this cake.

Bring out the champers

Although they didn’t have red hair, this bride and groom made me think of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy.

Reminds me of Raggedy Ann and Andy

A trio of dolly cakes.

Dolly cakes

I think this was an Aladdin/genie in a bottle-style of cake. Not sure exactly.

Aladdin - I think

Here’s a scene from Cinderella:

Cinderella cake

I liked this drunken footy fan cake.

Drunken footy fan cake

This cake depicted a famous scene from Alice in Wonderland – the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, complete with widely grinning Cheshire Cat perched on a tree branch on the right.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Cake

I believe these are Nike cake shoes.

Shoes Cake

This was my favourite – Homer Simpson on a giant iced donut with sprinkles, with little beer cans strewn about. You know, if I had time, I’d love to make cakes like this.

Homer and giant donut cake

This display made me really crave a piece of fruit cake.

Fruit cakes

Various biscuits/cookies…

Baked goods

A display of sweet slices…

Sweet slices

And sweet muffins…

Sweet muffins

Jams and preserves…

Jams and preserves

And a selection of sauces…


After looking at the baked goods, we went next door to see the displays by the Department of Agriculture. Upon arrival, we were given a sample of fresh ruby orange to try. It was lovely, very sweet and juicy. So lovely in fact I was tempted to walk by and grab another!

Ruby orange sample

The Gerbera Society had their own display there…

Gerbera Society Display

< did="" the="" Orchid="" Society.="">

Orchid Society Display

We then spent some time checking out the West Australian country regional displays. This was the Midwest region’s display.


This one was the South West region’s display.

South West

I love looking at these displays but there’s so much to take in visually – I always wish I could jump the barricades and actually get right in there and touch stuff, and climb up to get close to the stuff at the top. But of course, I’d probably start a landslide.

These boots are made for working


I can’t remember which region this was a part of – I thought the pet rocks were too cute! And the various eggs next to them were pretty interesting.

Eggs and Pet Rocks

The Coastal region…

Coastal (tall pic)

…and the Gascoyne region.


I really need to see more of Western Australia. Got money, no time; got time, no money. Grrrr.

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